Concrete Stamp Process

ACD’s residential projects do not start construction until you, the customer are satisfied with the design. Once a sales appointment is made and measurements of your home are taken, a designer will begin work on your project.

We strive to make your outdoor dreams become a reality. Once a design is agreed upon we will start construction on a 4-7 business day process in the following order:

Step 1 (Day 1-2): A crew will arrive on site to begin “set-up” of your project. This process will last 1-2 days depending on overall size. At the conclusion of this step you will see the overall form of your project.

Step 2 (Day 3-4): A “pour” crew will arrive to lay the concrete and apply the stamp/texture and color you selected during the design process. At the conclusion of this step your concrete will not look like the finished product.

Step 3 (Day 6-7): Your newly poured concrete will be power washed, then sealed for protection. Upon power washing the concrete, you will now see the true color of the finished product.

The 7 day process allows for schedule fluctuation.

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